Are there secrets to writing great app reviews?

The one thing you want to focus on when you are writing app reviews is consistency. Consistency does something important in that it tells the company that is hiring you that you delivery on a consistent basis. The surprising aspect is that it shows you can be intuitive in understanding how applications work because you have to remember that you are writing reviews on different apps that have different features. Using this outlook, you are distributing your knowledge across multiple app solutions.

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The second secret is choosing the right company to work with. The secrets to finding great companies is simple to search online for reviews of the company that you are thinking of working with. The one thing that is consistent about app reviewers is that they are not queit about working with a bad company. Some of the gotchas to be on the lookout for are:

  • Reduced payout based on differences in what was requested and the product produced. You are asked to write a review according to specific parameters. They may have received previous reviews that cause them to discount the review received from you. This scenario requires that you push back on the payment and ask for specific reasons on the change in payment
  • Make sure you read the terms of the app review . App reviewers can go above and beyond of what is being asked of them. As an app reviewer, you can provide additional feedback but may be out of scope on what was being requested.

Make sure that you follow through on all app reviewing requests and make sure that you are consistent. This will be one of your keys to success.

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