Do App Reviewers Get Paid?

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Do App Reviewers Get Paid?

The total pay range identified for app reviewers is between 90K and 156K per year. This number is expected to increase as the use of apps matures and there continues to be competition in the market to capture consumer dollars.  Since this is expected to grow, the path for this field should be one of both specialization and building yourself as a brand in this space. The recommended approach is to align yourself with brand promoters in this space and also to create your own space. The strategies that I recommended are:

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Achieve a large portfolio of app reviews

  • Create a platform in the social media space
  • Create a system of providing consistent app reviews

Achieve a large portfolio

There could be a lot of confusion with the statement of achieving a large portfolio. It sounds like I am putting the cart before the horse but this is what I mean. The first thing you can do is find categories of apps that you are interested in. This could be based on the genre of music, gambling, accounting, games, etc. You can even break these categories down further if you want to get very specific. Once you have identified the categories you are interested in, you can start to leave detailed reviews and also send emails unsolicited to the respective contact email addresses associated with those apps. 

Here is where your greatest strategy comes into play. You want to make sure you are taking screenshots of your posted reviews and also your emails to the respective marketing departments. This will show your engagement and your willingness to offer feedback on apps in your preferred category. This is like carrying around a free resume that you can submit to app reviewing companies which will make you appear to be a preferred partner. 

This is a strategy that sells itself because it shows your motivation to perform the work but also shows the work that you have completed. You can extend this even further by creating a portfolio website with all of this information. So instead of sending all of this information, you can direct employers to your website and that will completely amaze them and put you in for consideration to get hired

Create a platform in the social media space

If you thought the first tip I provided was excellent, you will definitely be impressed by this one. In terms of posted content, previously if you created your own blog and posted content on a regular basis, you would have been found on the Internet. The landscape has changed a bit since content-generating websites such as social media sites came into play. You can now establish your credibility by posting to Facebook or LinkedIn to be seen as an authority in your field. You also have the benefit of network effects in that people can share your posts and further expose your credibility to audiences you would otherwise not have access to. You have taken the word of creating buzz to from your own personal platform to using Facebook Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and the preferred social media platform that you think your users will be using. 

One of the best advice I can give you is to know where your target “audience” is congregating. If you have identified Facebook as your platform of choice, then you want to make sure you focus on it as your primary location to post your information. You can also identify your secondary and third choices for platforms and continue to post as well. But always focus on your primary especially if you know that is where your customers are.

Create a system of providing consistent app reviews

This next tip will separate you from the pack. Create a standardized system for writing app reviews and make sure to share that with your potential employers. You can ask them if they have a preferred format or if they would like to use your format and make any modifications to it. This will show that you take a professional approach to writing app reviews and will move you up the candidate list of possible app reviewers. 

Some of the additional items that you want to mention especially if you are in your app category for potential work is that you specialize in the kind of work they are looking for. This lets them know that you will not need to get up to speed in understanding the type of app you will be reviewing and that you can start reviewing apps right away with little to no training.

Please include any testimonials from previous employers as this helps your chances of getting hired. The more you get hired by the same company, they more you can establish a record of credibility that will make you attractive to other companies. 


I have shared these tips based on my own experience and I know they work because I have used them myself. There is one platform that I recommend to get you in the network of app reviewers. I provided that link earlier in this post and you can scroll up for the reference to it. You can also check out my other blog posts for ideas that have helped me in this business. I look forward to your continued success in the app review world and you can be certain that we are just getting started. 

In this industry, you will need to switch from defense to playing offense. You need to put yourself in front of your potential employers so that you are the go-to contact for this kind of work. But when you take these steps, you are showing them your initiative and your willingness to do what is needed for the work requested. You are checking off all the boxes and making sure that they have no regrets about hiring you.

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