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There has been a fundamental shift in the companies are looking for feedback when it comes to the design and functioning of apps. These are no longer the days where apps were just novelty appliances on your phone. They are now solutions that are generating hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in revenue. They are willing to pay for feedback from people that can provide honest feedback. I wanted to make sure I answered any and all questions on how to generate revenue. I tried of number of companies and different formulas on how to right app reviews and make a steady income. This was a very painful experience and there were even companies that set expectations but in the end just did not live up to them. 

Make $25 for First App Review

Testimonial: “Thank you for your enthusiatic recommendation for this app review program. This has been the easiest way I have found to make money online and I have tried quite a few.” – Sarah P.

The one thing you are missing to make sure you don’t have this same experience is to connect with the right companies, approach them with a maximized offer for your services, and present the app review in a format that shows you are a professional. This can happen in very little time so that you have a profitable side income and do this as your full time job or side hustle.

Testimonial #1 

“I used the information on this website and signed for the offers and I made money in the first day of signing up. I have consistent  revenue as a side hustle and definitely keep this as a resource for programs to sign up for.” 

  • Terrence B. 

.Here are some basic rules you can follow to make sure you are signing up for the right app review programs:

The one thing you want to look for is programs that offer payments based on a per review setup. This means that the company is looking to use app reviews to improve their apps based on quality feedback from their reviewers. They are willing to pay for this feedback and have the resources on their side on how to properly understand the feedback they are receiving. The key word you should think about here is infrastructure. The company has the right infrastructure to make sure you get paid. 

The next item you should know how to do it make sure you structure your reviews that makes it appear that you write professional app reviews on a regular basis. This can be an easy endeavor if you have the right resources and structure your reviews the same way every time. The more consistent you are, the more they can rely on your feedback and will increase your review per review. The one thing companies love is consistency because they are able to offer this consistency to the companies they market to. 

You need to keep the perspective that in some cases you will be working for companies that are in the middle i.e. providing reviews for other companies. There is actually a way to work your way to working for these companies directly and that will dramatically increase your review. 

Make $25 for First App Review

The third item you need to make sure is that the company pays you directly whether it is via a payment system such as PayPal or via direct bank transfer. You absolutely want to stay away from companies that offer to pay you via physical check. They could be legitimate companies but the fact that they have a structure that does not provide instant payment means they have infrastructure issues that they are working through and you could be the end victim of them moving from a rigid system to a more flexible system

Testimonial #2 

“I have been following this advice on this website and have already made $1,200 dollars and I have only been signed up for 3 weeks. Thank you for pointing in the right direction because I have had some really bad experiences but this experience has changed everything.”

  • Susan C.

I made sure I found the proven system that will guarantee you exceptional results. I can make this statement because I have had this experience myself and this is only because of trial and error. I created this website so you would not have the same experience and you could be profitable in approaching prospective companies and making sure you are paid top dollar. I will offer this warning: there are companies that will push you to offer exceptional work but they money will not follow the effort you have put into writing your app reviews. 

One of the tell-tale signs that you will be jumping through hoops is that they will give you a laundry list of steps to complete reviews and offer little pay. The normal path is that companies offer you intro offers and then step you into their more profitable offers. 

I made sure that I found offers that are highly profitable with little to no stress. Not all systems are perfect but I have found the companies and systems that are profitable. I have also put together to required formats and templates you will need to look and act like a professional app review writer and I made material easy to understand and apply. I even offer bonuses free of charge so you are making money from the first day you sign up. 

Make $25 for First App Review

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