How To Write App Reviews

The surprising thing about writing app reviews is that a lot of people think that they will not be good at it. More than that, they dont think that it is something that they can get paid for. I believe since you have made your way to this article, that are the exception and not the rule. The first thing I want to tell you is that you absolutely can do it and with this guide I show you exactly how to approach writing app reviews and also how you can get paid for it.

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The first plus that is on your side is that there are thousands of apps that you can write reviews on and more apps are being built every day. They are approaching different audiences and because of that they need to understand different perspectives to make sure they are profitable. This is where you come in. You can help app companies make informed decisions on how they can improve their apps. The truth is that they have been doing this forever but it has never been in this space. The development of apps is still fairly recent.

So I will say it again how I have said it in previous blog posts, this is a GROUND FLOOR opportunity with room to expand.

One of the first things you want to do is make sure that you understand the app. You want to make sure that you understand the app so the people that are paying you to review the app understand that you understand the app. I know that was a tongue twister but I think you know what I mean. The one thing you should always keep in mind is who is the target audience i.e. who was the app built for and look at the review of the app from that perspective. With this in mind, you will have a solid perspective and how you should be documenting improvements. I will talk about this further as you read this article.

One of the things that app reviewers companies look forward is that they reviews are organized. Here is the easiest way that you can convey that, your review of the app should be from the time you open the app and then look at how you “feel” about the experience as you are using it. The first thing is where you are in the app and how you feel when you are there. Does the structure of the app make you feel like things are in order? So this is even before you start looking for anything like errors or misspellings. You want to focus on how things are flowing while using the app. This shows that you are organized in your approach and this will make you more valuable to app companies. Great job!

That previou section that I talked about can be summed up as User Experience and make sure you save that word in your app reviewer vocabulary. The more you use, the more credible you appear to be. The more that app producers can target the user experience, the more they can capitalize on the use of the app. Here is a little bit of insight, there are some companies that are testing their apps based on user feedback on a daily, hour, and even 10 minutes basis. You can think of the big ecommerce companies that are this, I will let your imagination think of the possible companies that this could apply to but I think you know the big one.

You then want to identify the features that are available in the app but also think about the features that would be profitable or improve the user experience. An example is if you a button on the screen it too small to press and you have to press it a number of times. You want to document that. The truth is that they could be receiving this feedback from other users and your feedback is helping them build the case to improve the button.

I would like to touch on performance, if you click a button or are waiting for a screen to load and that process takes too long. Yuck! App companies can work to improve the speed of apps that are being used. Some of the changes that they need to make are minor and some could require them to restructure their apps. To a talented app team, they would have already reviewed this prior to the release of the app but when apps are in the wild, there are new scenarios that can appear that they were not aware of. Once again, you are increasing your value. Good job!

There could be a section for your to provide your conclusion and make sure that you are presenting the information in a supportive tone that suggests you are an ally in helping them make the app better. They should also feel that you are talking their target audience into consideration after reading your review.

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