Best Money Making Apps 2024

This is hands-down the best money making app for 2024. I include this one because it looks at making money from a difference perspective especially when you include it with buy one get one free (BOGO) offers at your local supermarket. I chose this app because it reduces the cost of groceries to cents on the dollars (literally). You can think of this as reducing an expense and thereby increasing revenue.

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The app I am talking about is Ibotta. You can download using this link. Ibotta Download

Here are some ideas on how you can maximize this benefit. You can choose to do one of two things. If you do the second one very well, this could be a big revenue earner.

Route #1: Use the savings to reinvest in other businesses or ventures that you have planned. I would receommend stock options but we all have our preferences. You do whatever works for you.

Route #2: You can buy the items and then resale them via an online store. You can advertise that there is free local shipping for orders over a $100. Since you will be selling these items below the currently value of what they are being sold for in stores, you instantly pass along the savings to your customers. Its a win-win solution. You can make this as big or as small as you want but it will definitely pay if you take what you have earned and reinvest.

Its the circle of life investment wise.

Stay tuned into this blog post because I am constantly on the look out for new opportunities to save or make money using apps.

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