Easiest Money Making Apps

The search for the easiest money making apps is a goal posts that is always moving because the investment in the apps that make money is always changing. As the interests of market changes, so do the apps and 2024 is no different. I have been researching this for some time and this is what I found. I will definitely update this list as I found new apps because the name of the game is that the most revenue-making app is the one that wins.

Earn $25 For Your First App Review

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As always, the job I will always recommend is app reviewing (hands-down). The is because over time it stacks revenue and grows. The options mentioned below are good options but growth is linear on a very slow basis.

Here is the list that I recommend:


There has been a growing trend of completing micro-tasks and now you are able to get paid for it. Swagbucks has been the outright leader in this field.

Rakuten & Ibotta

I dont think this is a trend that will ever go away. You buy a product and get a discount for it. The leaders in this field are Rakuten and Ibotta.


This is an easy one. Complete online tasks and get paid. This is one of those that you can do in your spare time to earn some extra cash.


You already know where this is going. You complete surveys and get paid. Its that simple. I like SurveyJunkie because it has a large variety of surveys.


This is an easy investment because it takes the left over cash and invests it. I really only recommend this one if you want to make money over time. This is not for consistent revenue on a regular basis.

Instacart & DoorDash

These two apps are the best for making quick money. It will require a lot of footwork to generate the revenue. But these are the two that are being heavily promoted. The Instacart business valuation was an insane number so you definitely look for revenue opportunities with this app.

Google Opinion Rewards

And last but not least is Google Opinion Rewards and I placed it last on the list rightly so. This app is very tight lipped in my opinions in offering rewards but you can make money as opportunities become available.

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