Is there such a thing as a Write Apps Reviews Job?

Write App Reviews Job

In the number of years that I have been writing app reviews, I can say that there are some jobs that will put you on the career path to making it a full time job. You will run into the back-and-forth of “you need to have experience to get the job” and you “need a job to get the experience.” This is where you have to start at lower level work and write excellent reviews. You can then use those reviews to build your portfolio. Once you have built your portfolio, you can charge higher rates.

Your portfolio will be the deciding factor in how your career progresses. Remember that high value companies are looking for input on how their apps can function better. Once they recognize the quality of your work, you will always be in demand and then make a career out of it. Your job is to find those low level jobs that will give you experience and then leverage that experience to get better jobs. This will be your online resume and your pay negotiator.

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Your Writing Apps Review portfolio should contain examples where you are allowed by the creator of the app you reviewed to provide details. This could also be in the format of an offline email you can send to a prospective employer. Remember that you are trying to build a story that takes you to your desired career path. This should also be reflected in your social media profiles.

Social Media will one of the best tools that you leverage to get online work. I highly recommend looking at YouTube videos how how people are able to get jobs using social media. It is very insightful and the information you get will provide value not only in your job search but also for any additional efforts that you want to pursue. This is a skill that pays for itself over and over again when you want to find a job or any other effort you want to pursue. Use social media as a medium but learn to do it effectively.

The sum total of my experience is that it is possible to make a career out of writing app reviews. The absolute need for writing app reviews is enormous especially since more and more developer are turning to apps to create individual solutions.

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