Writing App Reviews is a Great Side Hustle

App Reviews Side Hustle

I cannot say this enough times, the world of apps is getting more sophisticated as companies look to deliver the best experience for their customers. The one thing companies are doing to fuel this side hustle is asking for feedback from actual users so they can create a better product. The simplicity for the formula to make money in this field is at the best time to enter, that time is right now. There is one major upside to this side hustle, there is no reason for a company to build an internal app review team because its like getting reviews from yourself on how your product is doing. The premise does not make any sense to house it internally.

The other side to the discussion is that they need real feedback. The definitely dont want to get reviews from people that just want to tell them what they want to hear. This ultimately leads to a poor product and they will review all metrics to understand where the app went wrong. The bottom line is that if you don’t get the valueable feedback you need on how your app is performing, you cannot fix the problems that users will see when you roll it out to production.

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The internal testing for apps and the release into the wild or production environment are two different animals. Production is the true test of how an app will perform because this is based on the usage of actual customers. The one thing that companies cannot compensate for is what could happen once the app is released and in use by actual customers. This makes your feedback for the app even more critical. If you can provide feedback in a structured way that allows companies to take actional steps to resolve any issues that they find.

Companies are willing to pay top app reviewers to help them define the course of their app. It is critical that they do so and this presents you with the perfect opportunity to earn money in this field.

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