Question: “Write App Reviews Legit?”

Writing app reviews legit

This is how you can tell that writing app reviews is legit. I will identify the methods that you can use to tell if the writeapps reviews are legit. Here are the signs you need to look for and I provide details for each of the items so you can get a more detailed overview for legit app review positions:

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Check for reviews of companies offering positions for app review positions. This is one of the easiest ways to understand what is happening in the market as it relates to a particular company. People are very vocal when they have a bad experience and will share those experiences with anyone that wants to hear about it because of two reasons:

  1. They did not like that it happened and feel the situation could have been avoided.
  2. They want to make sure that no one else has the same experience so they are helping the community by providing feedback.

When you do a Google search for a company that provides app review jobs, add the word “forum” to the search. Not only will you find additional information on the companies but they extra feature is that you will find other companies that are being talked about. The companies that are very good at providing work and making payments will always be discussed in these forums.

Another good resource is Quora. This is a platform where people are trying to answer question. You can check to see if a question you have has already been answered or you can ask the question yourself and someone will usually answer your question. It is a site that provides overall value.

These are the methods that I use to filter the legit companies from the bad ones and has definitely helped me find good writeapps jobs.

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