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I think the easiest thing to do in 2023 is to find an app you can make money off of because companies are recognizing that even if they have to share the revenue from promoting the app, they can also get rich from sharing the revenue. This is even the case if the the revenue share is 30 – 50%. In my opinion, this is an opportunity for you to make money from these apps and I always receommend it as an option for anyone looking to make additional money.

Earn $25 For Your First App Review

Testimonial: “Thank you for your enthusiastic recommendation for this app review program. This has been the easiest way I have found to make money online and I have tried quite a few.” – Sarah P.

On this channel, I will always recommend the option for actually writing app reviews because you are doing two things. On the one hand, you are using the app to make money off of and on the other side you are receiving requests to review the apps. So you are actually making money on both ends of the pipeline. I want to make sure I leave you with a good resource for finding these apps.

The best strategy I have found and I am sharing this for the first time. This is more of a ground up approach to finding apps that will pay you. You need to use the Apple Appstore and the Google Play store. You are going to look up all of the most popular apps in the respective app store and then look for their contact information. You are going to propose that you can get paid to review their apps and provide feedback.

The feedback that you will provide will be different from the feedback they are currently getting because you are doing it from a professional outside in approach which is considered valuable feedback to them. This is a hit-or-miss effort and the goal is to obtain a small win percentage. This can translate in a huge opportunity of providing consistent reviews because not many reviewers are using this process.

I want you to try this process and reach out to me on my contact page. I can share with you my templates for reaching out to this companies and help you identify what it is they are looking for to successfully close on these deals.

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