Using Fiverr For Writing App Reviews

On the most recent check on, there are 1.3K listings for app review writers. This has been a consistent increase in the number of people that need app descriptions and review for their app products. This is an opportunity for you to use your skills or improve your skills for writing app reviews.

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I have been speaking on the growth of the app review market and this is even verified if you check Google Trends for “writing app reviews.” The market was going in the direction I expected and that has bee supported by the information I have seen online and from app reviewer communities. Even with the job postings from the Fiverr community, this is still expected to grow because companies are realizing a number of things:

  • The development tools that companies user have become easier to use with tools such as Flutter. These tools have leveled the playing field for the creation of apps. The playing field has been leveled and companies are realizing that it is easier than even to create company/customer centric apps.
  • Apps allow companies to give customers one place to place and handle their orders. This prevents customers from using the Internet where they will be presented will additional options. Any additional options that a customer sees could be a leakage point for customer churn i.e. losing potential or existing customers.
  • Companies get enhanced metrics from the usage of apps. It allows them to tailor specific offers based on identified customer segmentation.
  • They have the added metric of customer lifetime value (CLV) as this can be easier derived for app users. Imagine being able to understand the value of an app because of a decrease in use by customers.

These are net positive benefits for the write apps community because as your expertise grows in the write apps community, so does the amount of money that you can earn writing app reviews. I think that one of the overlooked segments will be the small business community. With the great leveling of the ability to create apps for both the Apple Store and the Google Play community, small companies become very aggressive because they can recognize and exploit gaps not offered by big players in the market.

The truth is that some very profitable customer segments that only need specific features for the level of business that they conduct. Gaps will always be identified in what is required by smaller markets because big companies by definition want to meet the demands of their higher ticket clients. These gaps can place big companies in legal predicaments where services being offered for large customers and small customers can conflict and they need to exclude features only for the sake of being focused on larger customer segments.

When there is blood in the water, small companies are buidling nimble customer models and building apps to support those specialized customer segments. As an app reviewer, you are winning in all of these scenarios and based on features of the market presented, these opportunities are expected to increase.

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