What is the future of WriteApps?

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One of the questions I get all the time is about the longetivity of writeapps as it is very profitable. I have been in this industry and it has been growing over time because no one has figured out a way to clone the human experience. That will be the key to being profitable in this field. One of the benchmarks that you can use to gauge the success of this field is if the number of apps in the app store are going up.

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I would really only get concerned when I see apps being consolidated and the total number of apps in the market going down. So far that has not been the case and as long as there are new developers coming into the market on a regular basis, I dont foresee that being an issue. The bottom line is:

“There is currently plenty of room for write apps reviewers to make serious money.”

I would also make sure to target the highly profitable apps, so apps that are being used for e-commerce and people are making a lot of purchases using the app. Even if they are not advertising that they are looking for app reviewers, you can still reach out to this companies and build a relationship over time for possible opportunities.

Use social media. Make sure that you are using social media to find out where there could be possible app jobs that you can take advantage of. It helps if you have a circle of social media contacts and as you build relationships over time, you can make money based on referrals that you receive from these friends. The bigger your social circle and the more you spend time cultivating those relationships, you can expect to be profitable.

I think this approach has stood the test of time and there are no planned changes to this approach. It will always work and I will always recommend it. Make sure you look for, find, and cultivate relationships that make sure you land those social media jobs. It will always be a plus in your corner.

Make sure you understand the intracacies of writing app reviews, the more you know and the better you present your reviews it really just puts you in a better place. I have included a blog post on how to write app reviews that will make you look like a superstar when it comes to writing app reviews. Make sure you take a look at it and this will help your efforts for landing those high paying jobs.

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