What to expect from a write app review job

What To Expect From A Write App Review Job

There are a number of requirements for a writing app review job. I have searched the Internet and here are the most common requirements that I have found. You need to have access to the Internet. This is the first sign that this job can be either remote or a remote hybrid. The remote option is preferred because it allows companies to get a different view, different perspectives, on the app that is being reviewed.

The type of device that you use to enter the app reviews does not matter. The concern for all companies in this space is the review itself. How the media is transmitted is of no concern. You can use a laptop, phone, or ipad.

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For the app to perform a review on, you will need an iphone or android device to install the app. This will be required to perform the review for the recommended app. As part of the review, you may be required to install a proprietary app that you will need to log into. This is normally required for the bigger companies in the app review space.

This job is not part of a team, you will have to work independently. It is a solitary type of work environment. If you are use to being alone and are able to deliver on app reviews as promised, you will not have any issues with this type of work. The nature of being independent does not change over time so expect this to be consistent.

The next skil you need is to be able to follow steps exactly as specified. Request for app reviews needs to follow a specific format and this requires strict adherence to the rules of the review. If there is something different you are experiencing compared to the directions given, you need to make sure that you point this out.

For availability, I would recommend that you have at least 5 hours of availability per week. You need to be able to show you are producing quality work and that requires time. There is the time required to write the review, and the time required to review it prior to submitting.

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