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The first thing I want to say is that I have been writing app reviews for some time and it has been a profitable business and that I have had to grow my expertise over time. I will offer the same advice and know that you will have to work at it to make it work for you. I can only tell you the best offer that I have seen and used that started me on my path to writing app reviews and getting paid for it.

Best Writing App Reviews Offer I Have Come Across

Testimonial: “Thank you for your enthusiastic recommendation for this app review program. This has been the easiest way I have found to make money online and I have tried quite a few.” – Sarah P.

Personal Write Apps Reviews

The first thing that I will offer is my writeappreviews review and I would tell you like anything else, its a game of best loser wins. Here is what I mean. Once you have been trained on how to write app reviews and found the right company to get started (see recommendation above), you will notice that over time it will get easier and easier to not only get work but also to be profitable in that work. My personal experience is that you will get offers that are too good to believe. You will also get offers that are just not worth the effort but that you should take anyway. So the old adage of you win some, you lose some but here is your advantage as a loser.

  • Build Your Contact Database: You are building your contacts database as you engage with these companies. The good thing about employees at a companies is both that they are at the company for a long time or they may take a position at another company. If you are a part of their database and they see offers where you are a good fit, you may end up benefitting from that relationship. So the benefit could be from inside the company or outside the company from a different company that the employee now works for. So dont “burn your bridges.”
  • Build Up Your Experience: You can build up a wide array of services that you offer based on the type of projects that you work on. You could be working for a small app startup that is using a new technology and then later on find jobs that are looking for reviewers that have experience that technology. You can get work based on association alone and being exposed to that technology.
  • You Will Better Understand Mental Frameworks: When building apps, developers are people too and they have a different way of building apps. The more apps that you are exposed to, the more you can understand how developers approach the building of apps. This will help with your reviews and allow you to provide additonal expertise that companies will pay for. This will also help you in how you structure your review feedback. Once developers notice that you are trying to understand and write from their perspective, they are more inclined to seek you out for work.
  • Exposure To Designs: This goes to say that the more apps you look at, the more designs you will be exposed to. The more designs you are exposed to, the more detailed you can be about providing an app review. You consistently want to keep getting exposure so that you become a better reviewer.
  • Performance Monitoring: As you use apps, you will start to understand the performance issues associated with them and this will translate to how you write your app reviews. You will also be asked questions specifically about any performance issues that you notice and you will be able to provide appropriate feedback.

This is my honest review on the business of writing app reviews. It continues to be an investment that has served me well and we are still on the ground floor for this opportunity. The one thing I am aware of is that this market will saturate and those who have taken advantage of it will prosper. There is only one big difference between this opportunity between me and my colleagues year again with this started. The question was whether they should start or not start. I chose the option to start and have been making a great living doing it while my colleagues have regrets. I have no regrets and I would recommend this to anyone that is thinking about it.

3 Type of Companies That I Prefer To Work For

  1. Enterprise Clients – This is the level you want to work up to because they are looking for opportunities of consistent feedback. Consistent feedback means that you have consistent work. These contracts can be from short term for as little as 3 months to contracts that can last for multiple years. You have to remember that companies have timeframes that they release software solutions and part of this timeline include feedback from testers on the app itself. They need to include this feedback in their apps.
  2. StartUp Companies – StartUps that believe they have a solution for the world at large will spend the dollars in research to bring their vision. You can be instrumental and you can expect to get paid quickly and in large amounts. I say this because this is a fast-paced environment where they will be constantly requesting feedback from you and paying you along the way. These types of companies especially want to make sure their employees are happy and will try to create a jovial work environment. This is normally the case but there are time when you will find exceptions.
  3. Small Companies – The last one on the list is small companies. Their budgets normally reflect their companies size so pay attention to the revenue that is generated per year by these companies. This will be the number one indicator on how you will get paid.

I just want to say that I love working with everyone and happy that I have pointed some people in the right direction. We are constantly growing because they are realizing they need feedback from superconsumers that can identify issues quickly but also that can point out opportunities for improvement when asked to provide feedback respectively. The offer below is still the best that I have found to get started or to get better at your craft. If I find better offers, I will make sure to update all of my links. Thank you.

Best Writing App Reviews Offer I Have Come Across

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