Earn By Writing Reviews

Earn By Writing Reviews

This has been a topic that always comes up and people really want to know how they can earn by writing reviews. Unfortunately there is a lot of noise out there and what starts off as an opportunity to make money ends up being a nickel and dime operation where you have to jump through a hundred hoops until you start making some realy money.

Earn $25 For Your First App Review

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With that in mind, I wanted to create this article to give you some insight into the best strategies to get the work and the money you want. Here are the steps I have found that position you for success. I hope this helps you in your search for opportunities to make money by writing reviews.

You want to rise above the noise

The first thing you want to do is position yourself as an authority in writing reviews for money. The best thing you can do is understand what you need to make this happen. You need to understand how the writing landscape has changed. In the past, you could create a blog and start posting about a topic and the people would come to you. The landscape has changed in that you need to find where your audience already is and start posting there. Why try to pull the audience together when someone has already done that for you. There are many more insights that sound like common sense but you just haven’t heard them yet. The best book that I have found for this is “The Art and Business of Online Writing” and you can get it on Amazon. It will be worth as it will accelerate your writing game 1000% or more. Trust me.

Now that you saw my first piece of advice, here is my second. Start a blog. I know it sounds contradictory to what I just said but here is why I said it. You want to make sure that you get your name out there.

Start A Blog

The one thing that employers do is Google your name. Its not all the time but in most cases. As an added bonus because it is your name and depending on how unique your name is, you should show up in the search engine results. As an interesting exercise, Google your name now and see if you are appearing in search results. If you are not appearning in those results, that means that you have work to do. Now that you have your blog, make sure that you….

Post To Your Blog Every Day

I know that it goes without saying but I had to say it. You need to make sure you are sharpening your sword on a daily basis. The more you do it, the better quality of work that you will produce. You have to dedicate time to your craft if you want to get better at it. To go full circle, the more content you add to your website, the more you stack the deck for Search Engine Optimization i.e. you get search engines to find you.

If at a minimum, you are able to do this, you are ready to step up your online writing game. Because that is what it is. Its a game and you need to make sure you stack the deck in your favor to make sure you earn those dollars. There are plenty of online writers that are earning money based on old articles they have written. And this can be based on years ago that the article was writing. They continue to reap the benefits.

Find A Good Entry Training

You want to make sure you are networking with the right people and an introduction to writing apps reviews. This is the best company I have found to help you on your journey. They have helped me tremendously and I know that they can help you.

Recommend Company To Get Started Started

I will be posting a series on this because I want you to be better at your craft so you can make money just from being online. I want you to go from looking for work to attracting both work and revenue.

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