How to write a review on an app

One of the practices of writing app reviews is practicing on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play store. This is a good starting point to begin your writeapps career and the main benefit is understanding how reviews are written. The way that reviews are written will tell you a number of things:

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The first thing you need to look at is the types of apps where people are leaving reviews. Your goal is to identify the apps that are getting most of the reviews. You can reverse engineer this approach by searching for companies that are offering writeapp review jobs. This helps make the case for the pay that is offered for these types of jobs. The more reviews means that users are actively using the app and are leaving important feedback that companies need to review. This is an incentive for them to make adjustments to the apps and close the gaps identified by customers.

One of the best nuggets of information are the negative reviews. The negative reviews lets you know what parts of the app you need to focus on when providing your reviews. This is all about providing value to companies that need app reviewers. The only downside are the 1 star ratings. These are people that have a fundamental problem with the app and may point to a more back-end issue that cannot be resolved with an an app review.

The best range for star ratings are 2 and 3 star ratings. These are people that are dissatisfied with the app and also felt a need to verbalize and document it. If you review all of these reviews, you can start to place them in a categories. This will allow you to understand the structure of the problems that are being reported. This will provide more insight when you provide your reviews.

If you want to do a deeper dive, you can review the reviews to see if there are any consistencies in the words that are being used for the reviews. You can normally create direct lines of understanding exactly where customers were having issues with the app. The more you are able to make these connections, the more solid your reviews will be when you provide feedback that is consistent with what you have seen in the reviews if it applies.

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